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Hi I'm Silvia Isachsen founder of Angel Biz. I help faith fueled influencers like you clarify your marketing message establish your online presence, you can make a living by sharing your gift with the world. Listen to my podcast to gain insight on how to align your marketing strategies for your dream business.
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Sep 27, 2016

Facebook Ad Objectives with Silvia Isachsen and Laura Ball. In this episode, Laura and I discussed discovering and defining Facebook Ad objectives BEFORE you start putting your skin into it. I'm other words before you start running expensive ads.

Sep 1, 2016

How to Frame Sales Copy & Ads for Hot, Warm and Cold Leads

Aug 28, 2016

In episode number 5 Silvia Isachsen discusses online marketing and "How to Reverse Engineer a Successful Sales Funnel.


Jun 24, 2016

I'm sure you've noticed Facebook's new feature GLive. It allows you to stream live on your business page. Wow! I can think of 101 ways that this new hot feature can help you grow your audience, build your know,like and trust factor and be a useful products or services sales and support tool. So...why isn't everyone using this freaking fantastic new tool? In my opinion, it's for one or more of the following reason; it's new, it's unknown, it requires people to be live on camera and that just freaks some people out and last but not least it requires some strategy, purpose and ability to act natural on camera. 

I created this podcast to encourage those of you who would like to try but just need some tips on how to create and maintain a great live stream that enhances your business.

Quote: “In five years, most of Facebook will be video,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg 

Jun 14, 2016

In this episode, I offer 7 tips on how to get yourself out there and overcome your fear of putting yourself out there. Hope this helps. xo Silvia Isachsen

Apr 18, 2016

In this episode I discuss why I think podcasting is underutilised and can help you grow your business.

Apr 6, 2016

This episode is a quick introduction to Silvia Isachsen and the Celebrity Entrepreneur Business Podcast.